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British Rubber & Polyurethane Products Association

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British Rubber & Polyurethane Products Association

BRPPA represents the interests of British rubber & polyurethane product manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials and services whose products and components are used in a diverse range of industry sectors on an increasingly international basis.


CORONAVIRUS – Identifying Companies – COVID-19 Critical Products

BRPPA are participating in an initiative led by the British Plastics Association in identifying companies in the polymer sector who my wish  to contribute to resolving problems in the supply of critical products and services to the medical and food sectors in the face of the demands generated by the coronavirus epidemic, such as the need for ventilators. BRPPA would like to hear from any company that would be willing to help in any way. Please get in touch with John Dorken, Director of BRPPA on or the BRPPA team at

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