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96% are ignorant of or don’t understand the Green Deal

Posted on 05 December 2012

Green Deal funding begins on 28 January, but there is massive lack of
awareness of the potential for it to save businesses and householders

Only 17% of employers are aware the Green Deal
applies to them, and 61% of UK adults have never even heard of the
Green Deal, while 35% said they do not understand it, according to a new
survey from Rexel, a distributor of electrical supplies and solutions.

Even worse, three-quarters of respondents said they would not know
where to find more information on the Green Deal if they needed to.

This is despite three-quarters of people admitting that they are
concerned about rising energy bills and nearly seven in ten expressing
interest in making energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

While consumers value greater energy efficiency in the workplace,
with 48% of people stating that it is important to them that their
employer is eco-friendly, only 17% of employers are aware that the Green
Deal is also applicable to business.

Yet over 70% of those who are aware of the opportunity, plan to make use of a free Green Deal loan.

Some Green Deal measures are getting better traction than others.

For businesses that are planning to make use of Green Deal loans, LED
lighting is the favourite choice, with 18% opting for this measure,
while 10% plan to use the loans to install double or triple glazing and
9% to improve insulation or draught proofing.

Biomass boilers and automated systems and controls are the least
popular measures, with just 1% of respondents opting for these

“With more than nine in ten adults confessing that they have never
heard of or don’t understand the Green Deal, it’s no wonder that Greg
Barker MP was recently forced to admit that no assessments had been
carried out and only 12 providers have signed up to the scheme to date,”
said Brian Smithers, director, Rexel UK.

Barker did say, however, in a webchat on 19 November,
that DECC has "a major PR plan for 2013 but the biggest push will come
from the diverse range of Green Deal providers themselves", who are
expected to mount their own publicity wherever they operate.

The Green Deal will last altogether for 20 years, he said, adding
that training for the first 1,000 assessors and 1,000 installers had
been paid for, with the first 247 installers having been accredited.

The Non-Domestic Green Deal for businesses, will begin work on 28
January, but Barker said, as "this is a more complex market we expect it
to develop over the year.

"However I am really excited about the long term potential for the
Green Deal for Business to help overhaul our inefficient commercial,
retail and industrial buildings," he added.

Brian Smithers commented further: “For the Green Deal to truly
deliver, it’s crucial that the industry doesn’t leave the ball in the
government’s court. We need to work together to educate business owners
and consumers about the benefits of energy-saving measures, and the role
the Green Deal can play in making these available at no upfront cost.”

Credit: Link2Portal