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British Rubber & Polyurethane Products Association

Relations with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Unions

For many years the industry benefited greatly from close working relationships with the HSE and the relevant unions through the Rubber Industry Advisory Committee (RUBIAC) and subsequently the Tyre and Rubber Industry Safety Action Group (TRISAG).

RUBIAC was established as one of the betwork of tripartite industry advisory committees under the aegis of HSE and through it a number of issues key to the industry (e.g) cancer risks) were addressed and major guidance were issued. In addition a common framework by way of a series of triennial action plans for improving health and safety in the sector was established and proved instrumental in substantially reducing accident rates and limiting exposure to rubber dust and fume in the workplace.

As part of a review of industrial advisory committees RUBIAC was replaced by TRISAG. TRISAG was designed to promote a more action-oriented approach to issues and despite some structural problems relating to the inclusion of the downstream tyre industry was reasonably effective. However, in the light largely of shifts in its own priorities and sharp reductions in its resources, HSE initiated a review of TRISAG and, to our regret, before then review was completed, abruptly withdrew from TRISAG in the autumn of 2016, effectively spelling its demise.

In doing so, HSE said that they would be willing to devote some limited resource to our future work where this aligns with their aims and where joint working will deliver a positive outcome. This is an offer BRPPA is taking up and is talking further with HSE on the specifics. In the meantime BRPPA is working on the action plan for the period 2017-2019. By way of reference the action plan for 2014-2016 is attached here.