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British Rubber & Polyurethane Products Association

Health & Safety and Environment

Health & Safety

Improving health, safety and environment management

BRPPA assists, advises and informs members:

  • BRPPA represents members’ interests on health and safety issues
  • BRPPA regularly issues HS&E bulletins on developments (as appropriate)
  • BRPPA provides specific advice to members by telephone, letters and site visits
  • BRPPA is involved in establishing a safety culture benchmarking exercise for accident prevention
  • BRPPA  together with RAPRA Technology Ltd has issued a revised code of practice for polyurethane elastomer manufacturing
  • BRPPA organises HS&E seminars/workshops, when of interest to members

BRPPA participates actively at meetings of:

  • HSE’s Tyre and Rubber Industy Safety Action Group (TRISAG)
  • BSI Rubber Machinery Standards Committee.

BRPPA also:

  • Organises working parties as topics arise e.g. accident prevention
  • Collects statistics as a basis for assessing potential for improvements in employees’ safety
  • Oversees further work under BRPPA’s Health Research Project
  • Assists and advises in relation to legal claims.


BRPPA acts for members on a vast range of environmental issues. BRPPA advises members on environmental aspects, for example:

  • European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive
  • VOC Directive
  • BRPPA works with Government on implementation of relevant EU Directives in UK
  • BRPPA assists members in awareness of  new waste management requirements