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British Rubber & Polyurethane Products Association

Training and Skills in the Rubber and Polyurethane Industry

One of the principal concerns expressed in the rubber and polyurethane manufacturing sector is over the recruitment of suitably qualified staff and the provision of appropriate training, especially at the technical level.

For many years BRPPA and its predecessors have been active in promoting the development of skills in the rubber and polyurethane manufacturing sectors both directly (for example through workshops on health and safety practices) and through its membership of bodies such as the British Polymer Training Association, the Polymer National Training Organisation and, more recently, Cogent – the Sector Skills Council relevant to the sector. it is recognised that the sector will only flourish in the UK as a high value and high tech sector and for this purpose it must be able to attract and develop the skills required at all levels. BRPPA lobbies Government both directly and through our partners in a number of bodies to ensure the need for these skills is recognised and their development can be supported and stimulated in very way possible. it is particularly concerned to ensure that there is provision for comprehensive technology training.