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British Rubber & Polyurethane Products Association



Posted on 04 February 2016

In response to an invitation from the Royal Society of Chemistry a leading member of the Board of the British Rubber and Polyurethane Products Association (BRPPA) recently delivered a lecture to its Marketing Group, highlighting key elements of the Association’s expertise of the polymer sector.

With over 20 years experience in the polymer industry, Dr Alexander Celik, Group Managing Director at Rosehill Polymers Group, presented an overview of the polymer industry. This included an insight into the differing markets that polymers are used in and what he described as ‘disruptive innovations’ in elastomerics.

The Elastomerics’ market is now global and Dr Celik talked about the influence the development of elastomers has on sectors such as the aerospace and automotive industries. The presentation, Rubber Products – Applications and Markets, highlighted the economic significance of elastomerics which are estimated to generate an annual turnover in the US of nearly $50 billion, and £4 billion in the UK market.

Dr Celik said: “It was an honour to share some of BRPPA’s expertise with the Royal Society of Chemists and I thank them for their invitation. Elastomerics are an essential component for a huge breadth of industries and sectors, which owes much to the pioneering work of chemists past and present.”

John Dorken, Director of BRPPA, commented: “The British rubber and polyurethane industry is vibrant and innovative, and BRPPA is committed to promoting it to an ever-broadening audience.”

The wide range of industries in which polymers are used accentuates the importance of BRPPA’s work. Dr Celik noted how polymers can be used in coloured rubber granules for sports tracks and safe play surfaces in the sports industry as well as the speed cushions and traffic islands that are seen daily on highways. The automotive industry accounts for 76 per cent of the rubber market supply and even if tyres are excluded from that, it remains the largest industry at 31 per cent.

BRPPA is marking its 10th anniversary in 2016 and is committed to a broad range of activities to promote Britain’s rubber and polyurethane industry.