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British Rubber & Polyurethane Products Association


BRPPA Health and safety statistics

Posted on 26 March 2019

The BRPPA annual accidents survey showed that, as against the base line rate for 2016 of 694 accidents per 100,000 employees, the outturn for 2017 was 686 per 100,000 employees, a reduction of 1%. The working days lost had also reduced from 10.3 in 2016 to 9.7 per 100 employees in 2017, a reduction of 5.8%.

Rubber fume and rubber process dust monitoring results for 2017 showed that 95% of rubber fume personal exposures were 50% below the WEL. With regard to rubber process dust, 93% of the personal exposures were below 50% of the WEL.