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British Rubber & Polyurethane Products Association



Posted on 26 July 2019

IOM3 is the professional institute covering our sector. It has a long history and this year it is celebrating its 150th Anniversary. It is an amalgam of a number of professional institutes which have come together over time as the nature of industry, and the consequent need for professional recognition and support services, has changed. In our particular neck of the woods, in 1921, when the sector was in its heyday, the Rubber Club of Great Britain was established and subsequently sought a more organised structure, becoming the Institution of the Rubber Industry in 1923. A merger with its sister, the Plastics Institute, which had been established in 1931 took place in 1975 to form the Plastics and Rubber Institute. That in turn merged with other Institutions to become the Institute of Materials in 1993, which with subsequent mergers has become the IOM3 as we know it. Within the wider Institute the section covering polymers is run as a constituent body, named the Polymer Society.


Read more: The Polymer Society is one of the most active bodies in the Institute. It exists to support the plastics and rubber/elastomer supply chain by providing a focus for improving knowledge exchange around education, production, processing applications and end of life. It links with industry, trade associations, government, UK innovation and learning infrastructure, media and conference organisations and other national and international bodies, to encourage and support professional membership of the Institute. The core of the Society is built around three long-standing and successful groups one of which is the Rubber in Engineering Group (RIEG).


RIEG was formed more than 60 years ago, with the principal aim of promoting understanding of the behaviour of rubber from an engineering perspective. The industry has always faced ever-increasing performance demand for engineered rubber products such as tyres, anti-vibration mountings, hoses and seals. RIEG brings together to explore how best to exploit the extraordinary properties of rubber materials effectively. It also allows industry and academia to showcase the latest developments in material and their uses to promote discussion and cross fertilisation of ideas, to ultimately expand their use across the sector


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