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Energy efficient businesses shouldn’t miss the funding deadline

Posted on 14 November 2013

Organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and cut their
energy costs are now being invited to apply for interest free funding.

The funding is available to public and private sector organisations
and the deadline is 31 December 2013. The £50m has been made available
for EMSc (UK) to administer to companies implementing efficient,
effective and reliable technologies that can deliver a return on
investment within a five-year period, and funds will be provided
interest free for up to five years.

EMSc (UK) is committed to helping UK companies achieve sustainability
targets and is now inviting businesses to apply for funds. Application
forms are now available by visiting the EMSc (UK) website.

All applications will be subject to status and approval and the funds
will only be made available for public and private sector organisations
wishing to install one or more of the top three technologies identified
in reports prepared by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and St
George’s University – voltage optimisation, LED lighting and variable
speed drives (VSDs). These three technologies have been proven to
provide the highest energy savings and payback.

Managing director of EMSc Dr Alex Mardapittas said: “The funding will
allow public and private sector companies across the UK to become more
energy efficient and save money at the same time. The £50m available
will ensure that projects with payback less than five years, become cash
positive from day one. We are looking forward to working with them to
help maximise their energy savings.”

Key analysis from both reports is outlined in a document prepared by
McKinsey and Company – version 2.1 of the “global greenhouse gas
abatement cost curve.” The document pinpoints these three technologies
which are best capable of reducing carbon emissions across a range of
different sized sites.

Further information on funding availability for implementing one of
the three valid energy-saving technologies can also be accessed by
emailing or by ringing 01142 576 200.