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Europe’s plastics industry continues to make gains

Posted on 13 June 2014

European’s plastics production for 2013 showed steady growth, according to trade association PlasticsEurope.The organisation said that the global production volume of plastics has risen by 3.9% from 288m tonnes in 2012 to 299m tonnes in 2013. China leads with 24.8% of the global volume, with Europe ranking in second place with 20% of the world’s total plastics production in 2013.

Packaging, building and construction were the largest plastics markets in Europe, followed by the automotive industry and electrical and electronic goods. European demand for plastics was at 46m tonnes in 2013 up by 0.1% on 2012.

“The European plastics industry is under significant worldwide competition, China continues leading the global plastics production and the US has significantly reduced their energy prices increasing their European competitiveness. These are only two examples of the challenges we have ahead,” explained Karl Foerster, executive director of PlasticsEurope.

“To move towards a strong and competitive Europe we need to ensure a long term strategy for Europe’s re-industrialisation. Policy makers need to ensure access to competitive energy and raw materials, support for innovation and training to provide skilled workforces to ensure a strong European plastics industry,” Foerster continued.

PlasticsEurope said that Europe showed a growth of 6.6% for primary plastics, 7% for the plastics products and nearly 2% for the machinery sector for the period between January and February 2014.