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LANXESS Urethanes UK Ltd.

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LANXESS  is a world leader in cast urethane systems, which include prepolymers, catalysts, and curatives used  across a broad  range of demanding applications, from pipe linings and mining screens to roller coaster wheels.

Adiprene® and Vibrathane® urethane prepolymers are known industry-wide for their high quality and performance on the job, delivering outstanding abrasion resistance, toughness and load-bearing capability. LANXESS Urethane Systems is on the leading edge of urethane technology, expanding performance, and extending part life in demanding mechanical applications and in harsh chemical and thermal environments.

LANXESS offers a wide range of conventional, Low Free (LF) isocyanate, and blocked technologies that enable high performance and processing ease, which makes Adiprene® and Vibrathane® urethane systems an excellent choice to replace steel, plastics, rubber, and other elastomers in high performance applications. Our deep know-how in blocked systems and curing options enables processing in both factory and field settings.