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RSPB teams up with Ecotricity to protect wildlife

Posted on 18 March 2013

The RSPB has announced a partnership with Ecotricity to help it
install renewable energy in ways that will not harm wildlife. The RSPB,
along with other conservation groups, has often been critical of wind

The two organisations say their new partnership will also deepen the
link between green energy and nature in other ways, in a mutually
supportive manner. The RSPB will use its expertise to help Ecotricity
create energy and nature projects that will integrate wildlife habitats
into wind, wave, solar, and green gas generation projects.

Ecotricity, in turn, will help the RSPB to realise its ambitious
plans for green energy, to improve energy efficiency and by installing
electric vehicle charging points at wildlife reserve visitor centres.

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said: “Protecting wildlife and creating
habitats is not just close to our hearts, it is central to what we do.
We’re already making green energy to cut the carbon emissions that cause
climate change, which in turn impacts habitats and wildlife.

"This partnership takes that one step further, making closer links between nature and green energy."

He described the arrangement as "a long-term strategic partnership
that will not only protect wildlife, but develop new habitat creation,
and make the RSPB a more integral part of the process of our green
energy projects.”

Harry Huyton, RSPB head of energy and climate, said: "Switching to a
low carbon economy is one of the defining challenges of our generation.
Failure would mean devastation for the world's wildlife, but equally we
must ensure that when we develop renewable energy projects we do our
best to ensure they do not harm wild species in our countryside."

He said the two organisations had a "common mission, of a renewables revolution in harmony with nature".

They both expressed hope that other energy companies will follow suit
and “put nature conservation at the heart of their businesses too".

The RSPB is one of Britain's largest conservation groups, with over 1
million members, 13,500 volunteers and 1,300 staff. It looks after
around 200 nature reserves. It is hoping to install renewable energy at
its 10 regional offices and four country offices, as well as reducing
their energy consumption.

Ecotricity recently surpassed 70,000 energy customers and claims, on
average, to have invested more per customer in building renewable energy
sources than any other energy company in Britain.


Source: Link2Portal