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Rubber goods trade deficit rises

Posted on 10 January 2013

he U.S. rubber product trade deficit increased 19 percent through
April, with few categories showing any improvement in the balance of

The U.S. Commerce Department data show the nation's deficit
for rubber goods has grown to $3.67 billion for the first four months
of 2012, $586.6 million higher than a year earlier. The month-to-month
comparison of the April 2011-April 2012 trade balance similarly showed a
24.3-percent increase in the deficit, to $958.9 million.

the individual categories, the largest segment—tires and related
products—posted a 21.7-percent increase in its deficit through April, to
$2.9 billion. More than half of that came from the passenger tire
sector, which had a 21.4-percent higher trade imbalance, while the truck
tire category showed a 4.3-percent increase in its deficit in the

Retreads was the only one of nine tire-related categories
where the U.S. has a positive trade balance—$2.27 million, up 38.4
percent through April compared with 2011. For that matter, the hygienic
or pharmaceutical goods segment is the only other category of all rubber
products with a positive trade balance, at $22.5 million.

belting and miscellaneous hard rubber goods, other larger rubber product
categories, also showed substantial increases in their trade deficits.

Source: Rubber News