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Shopitize – sustaining customer loyalty

Posted on 16 October 2012

Customer loyalty – for brands everywhere, it’s the Holy Grail. Yet,
while creating loyalty is one thing, sustaining that loyalty is quite
another. Customers these days are fickle, flighty, quick to move onto
the next ‘offer’ on the horizon. And it’s understandable that this is
the case. The backdrop of deafening white noise confronting all
consumers can be disorientating. Pitching your brand in a personalised
way, gaining unprecedented one-to-one access to customers – in short,
capturing and retaining their attention – is a huge challenge for
Which brings us, in a roundabout way, to Shopitize. is a
fresh and revolutionary shopping platform designed to ease and simplify
the way in which consumers go about their daily shopping and interact
with the brands they love the most.
Retailer-independent Shopitize facilitates truly personalised
relationships between brands and consumers – all via smartphones.
Shopitize was founded in 2010 by London-based former banker Irina
Pafomova, former management consultant Dr Alexey Andriyanenko and
Australia based tech entrepreneur, investor and former Australian
cabinet minister Hon Alan Griffiths.
Shopitize members use their smartphones to snap photos of paper shopping
receipts and then upload these to the Shopitize website via a neat and
sophisticated smartphone app. Alternatively they can download receipts
directly onto the Shopitize website.
Once all of this shopping information is securely stored by the
consumer, they can then take advantage of that – benefitting from
loyalty points, discounts and personalised offers from their favourite
The key with Shopitize is that it cuts out third parties who previously
used shopping data. With Shopitize, that data is shared only between the
consumer and their favourite brands – creating a win-win scenario.
Consumers gain by being rewarded with the best offers while brands gain
from gaining that all-important personalised access to their customers.
Shopitize also offers other major benefits for users – enabling them a
clean and unlimited web storage space where they can save and organise
their receipts, see spending reports and view always up to date shopping
Shopitize was originally inspired by younger mobile phone users and the
possibility of this generation being rewarded for their brand loyalties.
It soon became clear, however, that the concept could apply to
consumers of all ages and income brackets, and across all retail sectors
– from FMCG to handbags, clothes, cars and shoes.
How Shopitize works
At Shopitize, discounts are collected on purchases of individual
products. This allows for a significantly higher amount of value being
transferred to customers compared to Nectar, Tesco Club Card, Boots
Points or similar programmes, where points are earned on the total
amount spent regardless of product choice.
Shopitize’s offering to consumers is easy, highly rewarding and fun way
to shop for regular needs. These three things define a positive shopping
experience for consumers in today’s market and are set to drive the
adoption of the app by users.
Shopitize is dedicated to becoming a pioneer and a global leader in
mobile marketing ‘tailorcasting’ – communicating promotional and
advertising messages individually tailored to shopping behavior,
lifestyle and real-time context of consumers.
Unlike all existing loyalty programmes, Shopitize puts a consumer in the
centre and gives brands tools to join each consumer’s circle of trusted
Shopitize enables consumers to monetise their loyalties and brands to
rationalise their marketing spend, which in turn, allows them to
transfer a large part of the resulting savings to consumers.