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The Industry & Brexit

Posted on 26 October 2018

The Government has a issued a number of technical notices setting out the implications in various areas if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

The most important of these for the rubber and polyurethane product sector is the notice on regulating chemicals “Regulating Chemicals (REACH) if there is no Brexit deal”. In the event of no deal the UK would ensure UK legislation replaces EU legislation via the EU Withdrawal Act, establish a UK regulatory framework and build domestic capacity to deliver the functions currently performed by the European Chemicals (ECHA). The legislation would preserve REACH as far as possible, while making technical changes that would need to be made because the UK has left the EU. The new regulatory framework would: enable the registration of new chemicals through a UK IT system that is similar to the existing EU IT system; provide specialist capacity to evaluate the impact of chemicals on health and the environment; ensure sufficient regulatory and enforcement capacity in the HSE, the Environment Agency (EA) and other regulators, enabling them to recommend controls in response to the hazards and risks of substances; and provide for an appropriate policy function in Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and the devolved administrations.  For a copy of the document click here Regulating chemicals (REACH) if there’s no Brexit deal

The other notices most relevant to the  sector are: