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Posted on 18 February 2015


Following the approval of its Science Industry Partnership bid in July Cogent – our Sector Skills Council – is developing the details of how it should be implemented. Work is concentrated on developing a framework for apprenticeships, to which the vast bulk of the money available under the bid is going. A cross-sectoral framework – for so-called ‘trailblazer’ apprenticeships –has been formulated and this is being cascaded down into programmes for individual sectors. For the Cogent sector the current concentration was on drawing up specifications for ‘science manufacturing technician’ and ‘science laboratory technician’ apprenticeships at level 3. These entail defining the standards to be met and the processes of assessment and certification to be followed. The polymer version of these is being worked up within an Employers Group for the polymer sector. Alongside this Cogent can develop with interested employers detailed, tailor made training programmes for apprentices. For more information contact: Jeremy Pingstone

Rubber Technology Training

Progress is being made in improving the availability of rubber technology training in line with employers’ needs. A number of parties who have an interest in this – employers/trade associations, individual providers and interested colleges – have formed an ad hoc group – of which BRPPA is a leading member – with the aim of identifying where the demand lies and looking at ways of meeting this demand. The aim is to develop a flexible and transparent network of provision at various levels, which can be drawn upon by employers at need. A questionnaire had been drawn up for employers and we urge all rubber manufacturer members to complete it; hopefully with responses to this available it will be possible to develop in a more rational way the provision required to meet the identified demand.