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UK REACH Competent Authority News

Posted on 12 May 2011

Companies must notify ECHA about certain Substances of Very High Concern in articles not later than 1 June 2011.

Producers and importers of articles (furniture, construction products, clothing etc) have a legal obligation to notify ECHA if any Substance of Very High Concern included in the Candidate List is present in their articles above the threshold of 0.1% weight by weight and if the quantity of such substance in those articles is over 1 tonne per producer/importer per year.


ECHA calls for information on further substances to avoid unnecessary animal testing.

Testing proposals for four substances have been published on the ECHA website. Any scientifically valid information held by third parties is requested to be taken into account by ECHA when considering its decision.


ECHA announces its webinar on notification of substances in articles.

ECHA will host a webinar in order to help companies to prepare their notifications of Candidate List Substances (Substances of Very High Concern) in articles. The webinar is available to anyone interested in learning more about how to notify such substances successfully


Notifications for substances in articles and downstream user reports can now be submitted through REACH-IT.

Two new dossier types can now be submitted through REACH-IT: Notifications of Substances in Articles and Downstream User Reports. All dossier types should be created using the new version of IUCLID 5.3. In addition, REACH-IT has been updated to comply with the second Adaptation to Technical Progress of the CLP Regulation.


ECHA publishes new labelling and packaging guidance.

The new document is a stand-alone guidance on the labelling and packaging rules for substances and mixtures as set out in the CLP Regulation. It is addressed to manufacturers, importers, downstream users and distributors of chemical substances and mixtures.


Second public consultation on restricting lead in jewellery.

ECHA calls for comments on the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis' draft opinion on a restriction concerning the placing on the market of jewellery products containing lead or its compounds. The deadline for comments is 28 May 2011.++


ECHA publishes a factsheet on substance evaluation.

The new ECHA factsheet on substance evaluation highlights the selection and evaluation process for substance evaluation, including the involvement of the CoRAP and the outcome of any evaluation.


ECHA has published data submission manual 22: How to prepare and submit an application for authorisation using IUCLID 5.

The DSM outlines the substance datasets, information to be submitted in each section of the IUCLID5 file, as well as a checklist for efficient preparation of the application.